• Protect your brand and reduce risk with proactive
    environmental management.

    • Today, businesses face ongoing ethical and regulatory environmental obligations that can have far-reaching social and economic impact.

      To drive eco-friendly practices and build a trusted brand reputation, our proactive system-based approach helps you establish effective environmental governance and sound social risk management.

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        • An EHS software solution with a suite of configurable environmental modules that align with your business needs and help meet the most demanding regulatory requirements
        • Automate incident reporting, permit and waste management, environmental monitoring, & audits


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          Ensure compliance and protect your license to operate

          Maintaining proper permits are a must when running a successful, ethical business. Complete visibility ensures your permits and licenses remain current. Automatic alerts and links to monitoring plans provide instant notification of expiration dates and noncompliance to allow timely resolution.

          Automated mobile auditing enables you to proactively measure conformance to regulatory guidelines and standards, promptly address gaps, and ensure continuous compliance.

          Improve environmental performance and reduce operating costs

          True sustainability means consistently measuring performance and backing it with proof. Now you can automate tracking, analysis, and reporting of critical environmental metrics such as waste data, fuel, water, electricity consumption and more, all in one place.

          Interactive dashboards and reports help identify key trends so you can implement processes to lower consumption and costs, minimise waste, and reduce your environmental footprint.


          Manage social and environmental risks through process automation

          Mitigate negative publicity and protect your company's public image. With automated action and resolution tracking you'll resolve complaints promptly and increase community satisfaction. Stakeholder registers help improve communications and transparency through centralized management of responsibilities.

          Status and completion reports of action items can be automatically communicated to key stakeholders and neatly summarized for inclusion in corporate annual reports.