• Efficiently and effectively reduce the cost of occupational 
    injuries and illnesses and promote a healthy workplace

    • The aftermath of work-related injuries and illness can have a major impact on the well-being of employees and on a company's bottom line. To help reduce sickness and fatalities at work, most countries have regulations that require industrial hygiene and injury and illness prevention programs.

      It is essential that companies are prepared to deal with occupational EHS problems efficiently.

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        • An EHS software solution with a suite of configurable best-in-class safety modules that align with your business needs and meet the most demanding workplace safety requirements
        • Streamlines behaviour observations, injury management, chemical registers, audits and inspections
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          One point of access for managing injuries

          On one configurable platform bring together employees, supervisors and medical staff with a holistic approach to injury management. Put to work automatic task alerts, secure central record keeping, and links from injury data to incidents to gain efficiency and control over this once-complex process.

          Single point access for managing injuries, including return to work plans, case notes and compensation claims ensures a smooth employee transition back into the workplace.

          Health overview

          Anticipate health risks early and apply effective controls

          Detect risks early and take action to reduce further cases with automated qualitative and quantitative assessments and data sampling. Import sample results from laboratory systems for timely comparison with acceptable exposure limits to better protect employee health and contain illness-related costs.

          Manage similar exposure groups (SEG) and link to jobs, tasks, employee locations or specific criteria to identify those most at risk and prioritize where controls are most needed.

          Proactively monitor and improve employee wellbeing

          Apply auto-scheduling, reminders and escalations for all types of health tests then easily add the required controls based on each company's unique 'Fit for Work' policies. Data can be analysed to find trends, anticipate potential health issues and identify areas that require additional programs.

          Comply with data privacy laws using centralised and highly secure record keeping that ensures confidential health records and test results, accessible by authorised personnel only.

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