• Fortify cybersecurity with efficient IT vulnerability risk management
    • Managing IT risk is incredibly difficult if without clarity over where system vulnerability. The backbone of an effective information security strategy begins with responsive vulnerability risk management. Digital Manager 360 removes the guesswork enabling fast identification, mitigation and remediation of threats.

      Close and patch known vulnerabilities and shrink technology risk immediately.
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      • Integrate critical vulnerability data into your risk management programs


        Scanning and discovery processes are only as effective as the ability to collect, categorise and assess relevant vulnerability information. Digital Manager 360 simplifies this function enabling fast importing, sorting and interpretation of large amounts of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE®) data.

        Reduce assessment time, prioritize remediation and patching, and stay on top of where threats are occurring.

        • General data protection regulation

        • Align vulnerability management to business objectives


          Improve ranking of threats and aging vulnerabilities and reduce remediation times. Digital Manager 360 provides the tools needed to integrate vulnerability scanners and perform control testing, mapping and reporting. 

          Import data quickly using out-of-the box API integrations. Map configuration, controls such as PCI DSS, and other frameworks to vulnerability discoveries for a complete IT security posture.

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          • Welcome audits with confidence


            Preserve a digital audit trail of vulnerability management activity and stay audit-ready at all times. Automated workflows help companies quickly and calmly prepare for audits. Auto-accept risks below set thresholds, monitor exceptions, and escalate threats as findings age - all from a single platform. 

            Automate and strengthen discovery and remediation processes while lowering risk across network assets.

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