• Proactively manage IT vendor risk

    • Companies in our globalized world rely on an ecosystem of third-party relationships which provides strategic business advantages but also a substantial network of unpredictable risks. 

      When things go wrong, regulators and stakeholders hold companies accountable for the misconduct of their vendors. Digital Manager 360 simplifies vendor risk management by lowering exposure to fiscal, operational and regulatory risk from the extended enterprise.

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      • Automate vendor risk management and protect the company's reputation


        Third-party risk is a growing threat. Regulatory requirements such as PCI DSS extend their reach to vendors and contractors. To manage your partners effectively, process automation is a must.

        Digital Manager 360 protects your business by automating due diligence, on-boarding, mapping requirements from the Standard Information Gathering Agreement (SIG) and complete vendor lifecycle management.

        • General data protection regulation

        • Assess more vendors against more controls


          Some of the world's biggest companies fall victim to vendor negligence. Yet, even small organizations face the challenge of thoroughly evaluating third-party suppliers. Left unmonitored, irresponsible partners can lead to data breaches and compliance violations.

          From a single platform, manage thousands of vendors, view overall risk rank against SIG, and continuously monitor changing situations.

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          • Consolidate and analyse risk data by department and vendor type


            Overcome the scrutiny of audits and investigations with a pre-emptive approach to IT vendor risk management.

            Access a comprehensive knowledge base of legal and standard frameworks, including over 400 pre-built surveys with built-in logic. Easily collect information and aggregate risk data by department and responsibility. Report assessment results quickly and clearly using the Reporting Wizard.

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