• Detect threats in advance and restore services fast

    • No matter how mature a company's digital risk management processes are, unexpected incidents can happen.  If they do, restoring normal service and minimizing business disruption is a top priority. So, it's ours too. With Digital Manager 360 configurable workflows, automated rules and alert systems have been combined to help companies quickly identify, escalate, assign and remediate incidents.

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      • Improve incident management with a systems-based approach

        Managing hardware, application or surprise cyberattacks requires a well-defined standardized approach. Digital Manager 360 provides companies with the ability to quickly define complex workflows using branching workflow logic that assigns incidents to relevant teams. Built-in escalation paths increase visibility of critical incidents across departments. 

        Desktop and mobile viewpoints ensure timely responses regardless where in the world IT staff are located. 

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        • Prioritize incidents based on business risks

          Ranking the urgency of incidents is as important as resolving them promptly. Digital Manager 360 helps companies determine how incidents affect business processes across the enterprise. Based on their relevance to strategic objectives, prioritizing and remediation of incidents is simplified to deliver the greatest impact.

          Provide context by affiliating granular IT assets with business tactics, strategies and objectives. 

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          • Advise stakeholders with detailed timely reporting

            Clear communication and disclosure is critical for sound incident management. Digital Manager 360's reporting wizard provides a live dynamic vision of your digital incident domain to keep stakeholders informed through an interactive data exploration and presentation experience.

            With high level or detailed views, advanced reports and custom filters allow companies to clearly articulate key points through easy-to-understand data presentations.

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