• Prioritize & mitigate threats to 
    high-risk digital assets

    • From software and hardware to intellectual property and confidential business materials, technology assets are the lifeblood of any business and they are also vulnerable to cyber threats from inside and outside company walls. Protection from cyber-attacks is business critical. Digital Manager 360's automated digital asset management application helps companies lower information security risk across the enterprise.

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      • Implement an integrated IT GRC strategy from top to bottom


        Digital Manager 360's bottom-up/top-down IT GRC strategy provides risk and security officers a powerful platform for managing critical digital assets and risk. Assess and map all assets to business processes using predefined controls and reported on qualitative scales. 

        Handle urgent issues faster and more efficiently with deep mapping of assets across the organization.

        • General data protection regulation

        • Capture relevant information from any source


          Digital Manager 360 serves as a database for critical technology assets, helping IT security teams organize, monitor and manage asset lifecycles. Create custom reports and automated tasks to track and upgrade assets nearing end of life or failing to meet security standards.

          Improve productivity, maximise IT investment and defend against threats known and unknown.

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          • Optimize resources and productivity through automation


            Eliminate manual asset management processes and reduce data breaches, system crashes and vulnerabilities. Automatically import asset lists into Digital Manager 360 from spreadsheets and through integration with scanners and databases. Routinely identify expiring assets, allowing stakeholders to budget and implement upgrades before end of life.

            Work smarter by prioritizing time on critical high-risk assets.

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