• Continuous compliance through proactive
    regulatory change management

    • Up-to-date legal and regulatory content fuels the GRC engine for insurance companies. But keeping up with ever-changing federal and state regulations creates unique compliance challenges. Regulatory scrutiny has never been higher and the penalties for non-compliance are severe.

      Compliance 360 provides the broadest selection of actionable regulatory content so you can stay ahead of changes and manage compliance effectively.
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      • Be prepared when the rules change

        • Access leading regulatory databases such as LexisNexis and Clear Market Practices.

        • Efficiently manage response actions such as reviews and compliance assessments.

        • Automatically link compliance evidence for seamless audit and exam preparation.

        • Employ time-saving workflow automation to identify and remediate compliance gaps.

        • Ensure appropriate, accurate changes to policies and procedures.

        • Managing regulatory compliance
          using Compliance 360

        • Creating a risk-aware business
          part 3

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