• Take the stress out of market conduct
    examinations with Compliance 360.

    • Market conduct examinations make up an essential part of insurance regulation. Regulators must verify insurance products are compliant and consumers protected. Audit outcomes are generally more positive for insurers who provide examiners easy access to accurate data. 

      Compliance 360 customers don't dread market conduct oversight, even for audits covering previous years. Armed with meticulous proof of compliance, they remain audit-ready and confident. 

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      • Improve the outcomes of market conduct examinations and lower your risk

        • Stay prepared with detailed evidence of compliance and updated policies and procedures.

        • Minimize the risk of sanctions, fines and the severity of corrective action plans.

        • Identify governing regulations and compliance evidence at historical points in time.

        • Streamline implementation and reporting of adherence to corrective action plans.

        • Link complaint responses, actions & documentation to regulations in Virtual Evidence Room®.

        • Access proof of past compliance through acquisitions and staff turnover.

        • Streamlining market conduct
          exams using Compliance 360

        • Enterprise risk management
          exams using Compliance 360

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