• Minimize loss and resolve incidents promptly

    • An effective incident and whistleblower reporting process is critical to every compliance and ethics program. Whether incidents are the result of unethical behavior, data breaches, fraud or operational events, efficient intake and resolution are essential for proper risk management.

      Compliance 360 helps you capture, investigate and promptly respond to potentially costly issues. 

      • Creating a risk-aware business
        part 2

      • Foster a culture of compliance & protect your brand

        • Capture incident reports using customized web portal with dynamic forms.

        • Streamline and expedite investigations with automated workflows.

        • Secure sensitive information to ensure authorized access only.

        • Never miss a target date with automated email notifications and reminders.

        • Establish continual audit-readiness by linking incidents to standards, regulations & obligations.

        • Aggregate and report incident data in meaningful ways using real-time metrics.

        • Mitigating the risk
          of whistleblowers

        • Complete incident management
          on compliance 360

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