• Improve customer satisfaction and grow your
    business with effective complaints handling

    • How you treat your customers reflects on your bottom line. As regulators increase their focus on conduct risk, trends in consumer complaints can reveal warning signs of conduct shortcomings. Your complaints handling process is a key component to demonstrating effective compliance. 

      Compliance 360 ensures effective intake, investigation, communication and resolution of complaints to identify and resolve potentially costly customer service problems.

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      • From better complaints handling to customer service excellence

        • Streamline and expedite investigations with automated workflows.

        • Secure sensitive information to ensure authorized access only.

        • Never miss a target date with automated email notifications and reminders.

        • Establish continual audit-readiness by linking incidents to standards, regulations & obligations.

        • Aggregate and report incident data in meaningful ways using real-time metrics.

        • Gain deeper insights into business processes to drive continuous improvement.

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