• Ease the burden of managing contracts for 
    effective compliance

    • Compliance doesn't end at your door. While your ecosystem of third parties and business associates provides important strategic advantages, it also exposes you to unpredictable risk. That's why HIPAA and CMS regulations encompass compliance obligations across your extended enterprise.

      Compliance 360 helps you proactively manage contracts and agreements to ensure regulatory compliance and minimize risks. 

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      • From on-boarding and throughout the relationship

        • Centrally maintain contracts & BAAs for better accountability and cost control.

        • Use workflow-enabled processes to speed contract authoring and approvals.

        • Establish consistency & eliminate department silos.

        • Automatically link contracts to regulations as evidence of compliance.

        • Ensure continual audit-readiness with a dynamic actionable body of evidence.

        • Display and monitor risk trends using simplified, configurable reports and dashboards.

        • Contract management for
          healthcare organizations

        • Mitigating third
          party risks

        • Vendor risk assessments:
          Do you know your vendor?

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