• Ensure Continuous Readiness for Accreditation Surveys.

    • Health plans that meet rigorous accreditation standards of nationally-recognized third parties provide employers, consumers, and government agencies confidence when selecting a quality plan. As the NCQA and URAC raise the bar, now mandating performance on up to 60 standards, the competitive stakes have never been higher. 

      Compliance 360 helps you achieve the reporting requirements necessary for accreditation.

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      • Simplify the journey to health plan accreditation

        • Integrate the accreditation preparation process with your regulatory compliance program

        • Automate self-assessments of standards and remediation efforts

        • Centrally monitor accreditation submissions

        • Link evidence of compliance to NCQA and URAC standards for detailed audit trails

        • Automate workflows and assign tasks to organize and expedite accreditation preparation

        • Use real-time status reporting and graphical dashboards to track status

        • Creating a risk-aware business
          part 1:

        • Measuring compliance
          program effectiveness

        • Conflicts of Interest 

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