• Proactively manage fraud, waste & abuse risk
    and protect your organization from improper billing schemes.

    • The U.S. OMB recently estimated Medicaid fraud, mostly due to improper billing by unscrupulous care providers, at $29 billion annually1. That's why managing the risks of fraud, waste and abuse (FWA) is critical for insurers that provide Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

      Compliance 360 helps cultivate a corporate culture of trust, compliance and awareness to help detect, investigate and report fraudulent activity.

      • Creating a risk-aware business
        part 2

      • Gain an edge on fraud

        • Collect & centrally manage reports of possible illegal activity using Incident Manager

        • Encourage & enable potential whistleblowers to report suspected issues internally

        • Automate investigations and build an audit trail for better accountability

        • Keep employees and third-parties aware of fraud, waste and abuse policies

        • Secure sensitive data and create a body of evidence for successful legal action

        • Improve outcomes of fraud, waste & abuse cases and reduce outlays for dishonest claims


        1 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Health Care Fraud and Program Integrity: An Overview for Providers.
        • Mitigating the risk
          of whistleblowers

        • Complete incident management
          on compliance 360

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