• Manage third-party risk effectively, even when you don't see it coming.

    • Your third-party relationships provide important strategic business advantages. They also expose you to unpredictable risk. When something goes wrong, the CFPB, OCC, FDIC and other regulatory agencies are quick to hold you accountable for the misconduct of your vendors and partners. 

      Compliance 360 helps you identify and lower exposure to regulatory and conduct risk from your extended enterprise. 

      • The CFPB, UDAAP compliance
        and conduct risk

      • Identify and mitigate costly third-party risk

        • Conduct faster risk assessments

        • Automate data collection & due diligence during on-boarding

        • View vendors' overall risk rank & monitor changing situations throughout the relationship

        • Maintain historical versions of contracts to satisfy auditors' timeline requests

        • Ensure audit-readiness with a dynamic body of evidence, link activities to applicable standards

        • Demonstrate effective compliance and avoid enforcement actions, fines & reputation damage
        • Managing third party and
          vendor risk using Compliance 360

        • Managing CFPB and UDAAP
          compliance using Compliance 360

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