• Automate regulatory change management and lower compliance risk.

    • Regulatory changes imposed by the CFPB, OCC, FDIC, and other government agencies present a complex web of compliance risks for financial services companies. Staying current and compliant with these changes requires diligent periodic assessments of your GRC programs. 

      Compliance 360 simplifies change management processes so you can proactively respond to and manage compliance risks while avoiding penalties. 

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      • Stay constant through the change

        • Detect compliance gaps early with up-to-date intelligence on regulatory changes

        • Automate impact assessments of regulations and swiftly implement policy changes

        • Monitor corrective actions, pending tasks and outcomes to gauge compliance levels

        • Automate, maintain and quickly access detailed records needed to demonstrate compliance

        • Rapidly deploy a high-impact compliance platform with fast Time to Value

        • Reduce non-compliance and financial risk across your organization

        • Managing regulatory compliance
          using Compliance 360

        • Creating a risk-aware business
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