• Manage third-party risk effectively, including those risks that nobody saw coming

    • The third-party relationships ecosystem provides important strategic business advantages but it also exposes companies to unpredictable and substantial risks. When things go wrong, regulators are quick to hold companies accountable for the misconduct of their partners. Third Party Risk Manager has been designed to substantially reduce exposure to fiscal, operational, and regulatory risk from the extended enterprise.

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        • Hold third party providers to the same standards regulators expect from the company using a single, highly configurable governance, risk and compliance software solution
        • Control third party risk and better monitor service level agreements by streamlining due diligence, vendor on-boarding, and contract management


        • Third-party risk management
          on Compliance 360

        • Managing third party and
          vendor risk using Compliance 360

        • Contract management for
          healthcare organizations

        • Mitigating third
          party risks


          Anticipate concerns about third-party risk

          Third-party risk is a real and growing threat. Some of the world's most well-managed companies have been victimized by vendor negligence, with costs running into the billions.

          Third Party Risk Manager protects your business by automating due diligence, on-boarding and complete management of third-party relationships.

          Reduce third-party risk through real-time visibility

          Third Party Risk Manager centralizes third-party lifecycle management for all vendor contracts and agreements, due diligence data and risk assessments.

          Workflows and alerts help you pinpoint and remediate potential gaps, improve communication with vendors and verify their compliance program. View vendors' overall risk rating in dashboards and reports, enabling continuous monitoring of changing situations.

          Protect your brand, reputation and profits

          Overcome the scrutiny of audits, reviews, and investigations with a systematic, pre-emptive approach to third-party risk management.

          Third Party Risk Manager assesses, monitors and discloses risk to satisfy the increased demand for due diligence. Avoid enforcement actions, fines, and reputational damage by demonstrating compliance with third-party management standards and regulations.

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