• Simplify the complexities of policy management

    • Companies in highly regulated industries often struggle to keep policies up to date.

      SAI Global helps you create and monitor policies, procedures and controls critical for effective corporate governance, ethics and compliance programs.

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        • Simplify policy authoring, revisions, and approvals to keep up with constantly changing regulations using a highly configurable, Software as a Service (SaaS) or on premise solution
        • Demonstrate compliance effectiveness with custom workflows, system generated alerts and automated controls evidencing who did what and when


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        • Policy management: Compliance
          360 GRC software suite

        • Creating a risk-aware business
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          Everything in one place, on a powerful SaaS or on premise platform

          Information silos obstruct effective policy management. SAI Global enables your organization to take a more efficient and integrated approach by consolidating all your policies and procedures on one flexible, scalable platform integrating it with other key compliance, risk and operational data.

          This simplifies your ability to stay up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes, policy reviews, and to better demonstrate compliance effectiveness during examinations and audits.

          Enforce policies, satisfy regulators & avoid consequences

          Regulators and auditors want proof employees are aware of, and understand company policies. SAI Global enables questionnaires and surveys which provide demonstrable evidence that employees and third parties are clear on your organization's policies and procedures.

          Intuitive dashboards help monitor clarification requests and areas requiring further training to demonstrate compliance and to always be audit-ready without exception.

          Easy to create, approve and locate

          Creating regulator-worthy policies is good, but being able to find them at the touch of a button is better, SAI Global helps companies do both.

          Online editing, version control, and audit trail features enable collaboration and fully track changes and provide oversight. Keyword search and regulation linking provides fast, accurate access to all policy records, keeping your organization examination and audit-ready, all the time.

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