• Foster a culture of corporate ethics with effective incident management.

    • Accidents happen. As do workplace injuries, IT security breaches, and unethical behavior. Be prepared to act with a systematic response to any type of incident.

      Incident Manager simplifies case management so you can effectively report, investigate, and resolve incidents while minimizing damage and lowering the risk of recurrence. 

      • Creating a risk-aware business
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      • Mitigating the risk
        of whistleblowers


      • Complete incident management
        on compliance 360

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      • Seven elements demo series
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      • Restore order when everything seems out of control


        You can't control every event. But you can control how you respond to them.  Effective incident management is critical to every corporate ethics program.

        Integrate the data related to multiple incident intake methods such as hotline calls, email and web submissions on one unified platform. Make web forms available to employees in their native language, offering multinational companies an intuitive and anonymous reporting mechanism.

        • Limit business disruption with organized efforts


          Efficient workflows automate investigation processes, task assignments and alerts so nothing gets overlooked and disruptions to operations are minimized. Documentation for each incident is stored for each business unit to manage, while allowing secure central access at the corporate level.

          And with no software to deploy, the fully integrated SaaS solution achieves rapid time to value.

          • Prove compliance and corrective action


            Corrective actions and other follow-up tasks are centrally tracked to help prevent future incidents and compile a body of proof of preventative measures.

            Link incident information and corrective actions to applicable regulations in our Virtual Evidence Room, producing dynamic evidence of compliance and a continual audit-ready state.

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