• For companies who insist on doing business the right way.

    • Accepting or giving improper gifts exposes your organization to fines, regulatory oversight, loss of public trust, and a damaged reputation. Place ethics at the forefront with a system that encourages employees and third parties to disclose unethical activities.

      Gifts & Hospitality Manager helps you monitor, document and address conflicts of interest, before they spiral out of control.  

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      • Managing disclosures
        with Compliance 360

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      • Quickly identify variances in gift policies


        Business 'favors' usually start out innocent. But as deal sizes get bigger, the temptation to compromise one's integrity can be hard to resist. Don't let bribes and kickbacks destroy your hard-earned goodwill.

        Gifts & Hospitality Manager provides the tools to detect emerging improprieties at the employee level so you can act fast. 

        • Automate disclosure and discovery


          Gifts & Hospitality Manager simplifies the tracking of hundreds or thousands of associates, making it easier to police compliance. Collect information efficiently, while automating review and approval processes. Set and enforce giving and receiving limits on gift submissions.

          Increase productivity with an intuitive user interface and built-in workflows.

          • Proof of integrity speaks loudest


            In ethics, empty words are not enough.

            Compliance 360 provides a holistic view of risk management that supports informed decision-making. Establish a dependable system of record with an automatic audit trail. Show dates, times and activities that prove jurisdictionally appropriate oversight of high risk areas like bribery and corruption.

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