• Change is a given, chaos ends here.

    • When laws, regulations or standards change, you can face substantial penalties for noncompliance and expose your company to other unknown costly risks. That's why it's critical you stay aware of changing regulations and their impact on your business.

      Compliance Workspace helps organizations like yours track, assess and enforce regulatory changes and compliance obligations across the enterprise.

      • Compliance management for
        healthcare organizations

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      • A comprehensive in-house compliance knowledge base


        Compliance Workspace maintains all regulatory records and requirements in a central actionable content library, providing a complete knowledge base that fuels your compliance engine.

        Securely access laws, regulations, alerts, research, audit recommendations and best practices. Know when laws change so you can identify compliance gaps, notify the right people and remediate in a timely manner.

        • Demonstrate proof of compliance on demand


          Virtual Evidence Room® reduces risk of noncompliance with a perpetual audit-ready view of your entire compliance program. Satisfy auditors and regulators with fast access to assessments, corrective actions, policy and procedure changes, incident response measures and employee attestations.

          Demonstrating documented proof of compliance has never been easier.

          • Assess the impact of changing regulations and take appropriate action


            Efficient action matters. Perform faster compliance reviews by connecting to relevant legal content and changing regulations. Change alerts allow fast gap detection and proactive remediation.

            Using built-in workflows your team will automate compliance assessments, inform affected business units and manage accountability for assigned tasks. Plus, by linking new policies to corresponding regulations you'll establish a clear audit trail with quickly retrievable evidence of compliance. 

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