• Protect your brands reputation
    and drive customer loyalty

    • For restaurants and food service businesses, consistency is the biggest business challenge and is critical to success. Driving consistency not only exponentially improves your product quality, services and processes but will improve customer experience and ultimately your profits.

      By managing risk, you protect your brand and drive improvement throughout your business.

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      • Solution overview

        • A complete solution connecting you with your customers and helping you to deliver the best customer experience through our range of innovative solutions.
        • Protect your brand's reputation by cultivating a culture of food safety to reduce compliance breaches and striving for continual improvement.


        • Benefits for your organization

          Create an experience

          Make every customer experience special; elevate their experience from the mundane to the extraordinary. Placing your customer at the heart of your business can increase your profitability, reputation and build trust in your brand.

          By adopting a Brand Standard Programme you can make informed decisions to drive improvements and deliver an excellent customer experience. Talk to our team about developing your own strategic brand programme focusing on what matters most to your business and helping you realise your potential.

          Limit your food risk

          Creating consistent safety strategies across multiple businesses can be complex. With SAI Global as your partner, you have industry experts who are ready to guide you through the gaps in your team's skillset to deliver continued improvement.

          Training your staff in food handling, food safety, health and safety, environmental practices and more. Delivered through e-learning, webinars, onsite or public training they give you the flexibility to cater to the needs of your workforce.

          Mitigate risks in your supply chain

          Adhering to standards is an essential way for your business to instil trust in your brand's reputation.

          Reduce your brand's reputation risk through SAI Global's Supplier Compliance Management system, SAIGOL. By adopting a risk-based strategic approach to food safety, you can understand your increasingly complex supply chain, streamline safety management protocols and minimise hazards, gaining new levels of transparency.

          • Collaborative supply chain approach elevates Casual Dining Group's CSR programme.

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