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How it Works

Purchase relevant management systems Standards

  • Standards are available for purchase from infostore.saiglobal.com

Undertake training (optional)

  • SAI Global has an extensive selection of training courses designed to help you understand, implement, assess or improve your quality system. Build your knowledge and skills with our world-class trainers. www.saiglobal.com/training

Implement the Standard

  • Apply the standard within your business. It is critical you have management and resource commitment to be successful.

Contact SAI Global

  • Contact SAI Global's dedicated sales team to discuss your requirements, timeframes, costs and receive a formal proposal.

Accept proposal and book audit dates

  • A SAI Global scheduler will contact you to book in your Stage 1 Audit.

Pre-assessment (optional)

  • Organizations certifying to a new standard can undertake a 'dry run' audit. It has no formal bearing on the Audit itself and allows for assessment readiness.

Self-evaluation (gap analysis)

  • For many programs, you will be provided a self-evaluation questionnaire to complete and pass to SAI Global prior to Stage 1 Audit.

Stage 1 audit - readiness review required for each site

  • The Stage 1 Audit provides the organization opportunity to identify and discuss areas for improvement and address queries regarding the process. The auditor reviews your reference documents and preparedness to ensure the management system meets the requirements of the standard.

Stage 2 audit - certification audit and registration

  • A detailed, full system assessment verifies that the requirements of the standard are fully implemented and effectively complied with.

Submission and application

  • Upon certification, display the relevant 'Five Ticks' logo.



5 Ticks Red Large


Surveillance audits

  • A Surveillance Audit is conducted between major certification stages to ensure you are maintaining expected performance (generally yearly).

Recertification audit

  • Upon anniversary of your certification a comprehensive audit process is required to re-certify (generally every 3 years).

Organization development

  • Equip your team with the tools to understand and critically improve processes and systems, putting the customer and outcomes first. Establish a training and development plan and commit to building your people capability and organizational knowledge.

Market for brand and promotional benefits

  • Press release, website banner, logo usage, social media channels.

Sales optimization

  • Ensure your team are equipped to communicate your success.

Shareholder and stakeholder awareness

  • Visibility in board reports, press releases, articles and general communication to stakeholders.

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