Key Benefits

What is in the Standard?

Commitment of senior management is the starting point for an effective Environmental Management System. Responsible for the implementation and ongoing requirements of the management system, senior management are core to drive success and therefore subsequently set a tone for the culture going forward.

Align business resources to your people, processes and technologies to support sustainable growth, while improving corporate social responsibility.

Consistent with the life-cycle perspective, reliably meet your environmental requirements through operational controls. By understanding the relationships between your processes and the environment, you can plan and prepare for a variety of risk scenarios.

To achieve business goals and objectives, an effective Environmental Management System must identify key performance indicators that need to be monitored, measured, analysed and evaluated. This empowers a business to understand and focus on variables that have the largest impact on overall performance and risk situations.

Improvement is an essential component for any business to remain competitive. ISO 14001, through the High Level Structure utilised in multiple standards such as Quality Management (9001), Occupational Health and Safety (45001) establishes a global best practice framework to enable a proactive and continual improvement ethos to business operations.

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