• Employee training is the key ingredient to effective food safety compliance

    Unsafe food causes illness in millions of people every year, some fatal. That's why the manufacture and delivery of safe food to consumers worldwide has been identified as a global health priority. For that reason, the food industry is one of the most highly regulated in the world.

    Failure to meet regulatory, legislative, and supplier requirements exposes food producers and retailers to potentially crippling business risks such as product recalls, lawsuits, and irreparable reputational damage. Protecting the public from foodborne illness is your ethical responsibility. Reducing your risk from food safety hazards is your professional responsibility.

    A food safety culture begins with quality training

    Because the food processing industry is people-intensive, the quality of employee training greatly impacts food safety levels. Certification to Food Safety Management Systems  mandates that employees involved in food safety management receive continuous training, and demonstrate competency in managing food safety risks.

    The implications are clear: for companies committed to creating a food safety culture, training is an absolute.
    We offer a range of nationally recognized units of competence for Lead and Internal food Safety Auditing, Food Safety, HACCP and Quality Assurance related courses. We also offer training in Food Safety Management Systems such as FSSC & ISO 22000, SQF, BRC and WQA. Our instructors are leading food safety practitioners and industry experts with many years of real-world experience. Your team will benefit immediately from this knowledge transfer.

    • Advance your career

      Invest in yourself and elevate the trajectory of your career. 
      In today's competitive market, specialised knowledge sets you apart from the pack. Make an impact statement that shows you are dedicated to taking your Food Safety skills to the highest standards.

      • Benefit your organisation

        Smart employers champion training & staff development through continuing education. That's why they consistently outperform their competitors.
        A small investment in Food Safety training yields big returns in the success of your people & your organisation.


        • eLearning

          (at your own pace)

          Online learning is an effective way to develop your skills and get certified when your schedule doesn't permit being out of the office. Fulfill your training requirements at your own pace from the comfort of your laptop, whenever it's most convenient.

        • Public training 

          (at a range of locations across Australia)

          Get your team out of the office. A fresh environment provides an excellent atmosphere for learning and personal development in a live classroom setting. Meeting new people and networking with like-minded professionals adds to the inspiration.

        • On-site training

          (at your workplace)

          Sending a group off-site to train may not be practical or cost effective, especially when the workplace setting is crucial for learning. Our expert trainers will come to your location to deliver our public courses or a customised training program to meet the individual requirements of your business.

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