• Simplified standards management

    Knowledge is power

    Why is it so important to maintain your library of standards and technical documentation in an organised, up-to-date manner? Because when it's hard to find the correct information, the inevitable follows: the high cost of non-compliance, caused when someone refers to - and follows - a superseded document. 

    Providing employees with quick access to the proper compliance documents improves efficiency, operational results, and risk management across the enterprise. It can even make the difference between a positive and negative outcome.


    • Standards Online

      An online collection is a simple way to provide staff, across the business, with ongoing access to the most up-to-date Standards. By subscribing to an online library of the Standards you need, you are better placed to manage compliance and risk, ensure effectiveness and achieve organisational excellence.

    • i2i

      The i2i Platform is a flexible software service that can be configured in several ways to suit your requirements. From large international corporates with multiple sites to small businesses involved in compliance and risk issues, the i2i Platform can help organise documents to be relevant and accessible.

    • StandardsWatch

      The budget-friendly solution for tracking changing standards. Receive up-to-the-minute alerts of transitioning standards updates so you can take prompt corrective action.

    • Buyers Advantage Program

      Become a Buyer Advantage Program (BAP) member and save on Australian Standards, handbooks and ISO, IEC, DIN, JSA and BSI Standards.

    • Building Codes + Standards

      It is vital that your construction projects comply with the latest Building Codes.  Gain online access to the NCC/BCA/PCA and all of the Standards referenced within it.

    • ENA Guidelines

      Energy Networks Association (ENA) Guidelines consist of a vast library of valuable industry experience, knowledge and data. You can make the most of these Guidelines by ensuring they are easily accessible throughout your organisation.

    • Guides to Standards

      Are you following the right standard or code? Our industry-specific reference guides remove the guesswork for you.

    • The benefits of managing standards

      A well-managed standards library ensures that your people consistently reference the latest relevant information, without fail. You can rest worry-free knowing that your organisation and employees will: 

      - Quickly locate up-to-date standards, technical documents & publications
      - Leverage a dynamic in-house knowledge base that improves performance and productivity
      - Stay in compliance with the latest regulations, best practices & policies
      - Practice effective risk management while protecting assets & reputation
      - Satisfy regulators & avoid penalties or other negative outcomes
      - Embed a culture of excellence through continuous improvement & quality management


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