• Why Standards?

    It's not luck. Organisations who implement standards sustain tangible business benefits such as: fewer lawsuits and regulatory issues, better risk management, loyal customers, fewer complaints, strong brand equity, and larger profits. In short, standards help you breed a culture of excellence.

    Standards condense the collective knowledge of all experts in a field so you don't have to waste time reinventing the wheel. Processes and management systems established by standards have been determined - by practiced consensus - to be the best way possible to achieve an outcome. 

    When you implement a standard in your organisation you'll deploy the recommended best practices of the top subject matter experts in that discipline.

    Helping you navigate the world of standards

    Our database is a virtual vault of standards knowledge comprising over 1 million publications from hundreds of local and international publishers. Neatly categorized in one convenient place, you can quickly find the right information to help you understand which standards best assist your business and help meet its regulatory requirements.
    The expansive SAI Global catalogue provides you with documentation from internationally-recognized developers and publishers of standards, including ISO, AS, NZS, IEC, BSI and many other standards developing organisations (SDOs).

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      The SAI Global InfoStore gives you access to our extensive standards library containing over 1 million international publications.

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    • Manage Collections Of Standards

      Manage your in-house knowledge base for improved performance & productivity. Quickly locate the latest standards, technical documents, & publications across your organisation.

    • StandardsWatch

      The budget-friendly solution for tracking changing standards. Receive up-to-the-minute alerts of transitioning standards updates so you can take prompt corrective action.

    • Guides to Standards

      Are you following the right standard or code? Our industry-specific reference guides remove the guesswork for you.

    • Need Help With Standards?

      Your compliance success is our top priority. Get answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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