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    It takes decades to build up goodwill. Yet, one moment of bad judgement can destroy it all in a matter of days. Timely compliance with new legislation is a shared attribute among businesses who operate with the highest levels of efficiency and public trust. Organisations committed to sound governance are expected to stay up to date with constantly changing legislation. 

    Companies who do not comply are held accountable for their actions, intentional or not. And the cost of non-compliance is sky high. Repercussions include huge fines, compensatory damages, negative press, damaged brand reputation, risk exposure, and even prison. Ignorance of the law is not a valid excuse.

    Effectively manage legislation changes and reduce exposure

    The problem is - with nearly 90,000 legislation and regulatory amendments passed into law each year - how do you keep up with constantly changing legal requirements? 
    Just as importantly as staying informed, you then must: translate the legal requirements, determine how they impact your business, implement the statute, and ensure ongoing compliance.

    Our extensive database of legislation, alert services, newsfeeds, and legal search subscriptions ensure your organisation is fully prepared for the latest legislative and regulatory changes. 
    Plus, our top legal experts will dissect each revision and tell you - in layman's terms - exactly what the legislation means, how it affects your business and certifications, and what actions to take to remain in compliance. 
    Everything you need to stay on top of legislative events gets delivered to you online, from a single point of access.


    • Search Legislation

      Simple search of free legal content for Australia

      Leading platform for searching for Bills, Acts and Regulations across all Australian jurisdictions.

    • Buy Victorian Legislation

      ANSTAT is your first stop for Victorian Legislation in hard copy. Our clients rely on our timely and accurate updating solutions to provide them with legislation and related services in the regulatory environment.


    • Connect Standards & Legislations

      The complete knowledge base for standards and the law

    • LAWLEX Premium

      Legislation changes alerts

      Complete one-source subscription for law alerts & legal summaries

    • Health & Safety Obligations

      Alerts, summaries & recommended guidance on OHS law changes & their effects on business process

    • Legal and Regulatory Newsfeeds

      The leading source for real-time legal news, expert commentary & change updates

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