Key Benefits

How it Works

Workflows are tailored to your unique needs including email notifications, reminders and escalations which are used throughout the system to help identify and encourage individual accountabilities in all aspects of daily operational activities.

Maintain a history of operational incidents, loss events, and resulting policies addressing those areas to aid in risk rating, root cause identification and mitigation.

Insightful reporting and analytical capabilities produce interactive dashboards for tracking key performance metrics and provide an aggregated view of performance and risks.

Use frameworks such as ISO 31000 to facilitate the identification of known risks and their related controls. Build a comprehensive risk and control inventory by using highly-relevant forms for quick risk scores and control ratings.

Analysis and quantification of your risk inventory is simple and repeatable so you can provide the right information to the right people at the right time. Create and customize charts and recurring reports in order to ensure regular visibility into your organization's risk trends.

Virtual Evidence Room delivers an actionable audit-ready view of your risk and control self-assessment program allowing you to link risk to regulations, controls, and policies while electronically sharing files with examiners and other third parties.

Easy interface to quickly pull information together on meeting topics, reducing preparation time including forms to document meeting logistics, including attendees, dates and times and topics discussed.Track risk committee meeting details, communications, complaints/concerns, and actions taken.

Why SAI Global

Risk & Control Assessment is part of our Operational Risk Solutions

Risk & Control Self-assessment is part of our Operational Risk Solutions