Victorian State Revenue Office (SRO) new all-in-one Digital Duties Form

VIC SRO Landing Page - June 2017

From 19th June 2017, SRO Vic is launching their all-in-one digital duties form. Legal and conveyancing representatives of home buyers and sellers will need to register for duties online (DOL) in order to create, certify and sign State Revenue Office forms required for property transactions. The digital form will be mandatory from 1 July 2017 and paper documents for certain transaction types will no longer be accepted at settlement for contracts signed on or after 1 July 2017. 

Duties Online (DOL) allows registered users to create certain forms and declarations digitally and send forms to their client for certifying/signing manually or digitally.

Users can also electronically submit details of the most common types of property transfers and declarations of trust for assessment.

In the case of a land transfer, it will no longer be necessary to have the transfer of land stamped. Instead, when the electronic transaction is finalised and paid or exempted, DOL will instantly transmit confirmation of the duty assessment to the Registrar of Titles.

The confirmation details are stored in the Registrar of Titles database until the transfer of land is lodged for registration. The details are then used to confirm that the duty obligations have been met.

If your organisation has not already registered for DOL, you should begin the online application process urgently, as applications can take up to a week to process. To begin the application process visit the SRO website here

You will need to have the following information/documents available to complete the application.

  • Review the Terms and conditions set out in the notice of a special tax return arrangement as you will need to agree to these as part of the application 
  • Company ABN/ACN or RBN
  • Estimates of volumes that will be processed weekly 
  • Legal Entity Name
  • Contact details of users you would like to register at your business

If your organisation is already registered for DOL, you will need to amend your registration on or after the 19th June 2017. To do this follow the steps below;

  1. Login to DOL
  2. Go to the Administration tab and select 'Amend your registration'
    NB: This can only be done if you have logged in as your company appointed administrator
  3. Select 'edit types of documents' and select the duties form check box. 
  4. Continue to registered users in Step 3 and nominate each user that you wish to grant duties forms access by selecting 'Edit'. 
  5. Review your amended application and select 'Confirm'.

Applications should approve within 15 minutes. After you log in to Duties Online you will see 'new form' in the create tab.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: From 1 July 2017 it will be mandatory to create the following forms in digital duties online. These forms are as follows; 

Duties-form-01 Goods Statement of Residential Land
Duties-form-02Good Statutory Declaration
Duties-form-03Real Property Value Declaration
Duties-form-14Statement on Change of Beneficial Ownership of Dutiable Property
Duties-form-62Purchaser Statement
Duties-form-53dPPR Concession Declaration
Duties-form-53cPPR Concession and Eligible First Home Buyer Duty Reduction Declaration 01/07/12 to 30/06/13
Duties-form-61PPR Concession and Eligible First Home Buyer Duty Reduction Declaration On or After 01/07/13
Duties-form-07eFirst Home Owner Exemption/ Concession Declaration 
Duties-form-08fPensioner Exemption/ Concession Declaration 
Duties-form-09aTransfer Between Spouses/ Domestic Partners Statutory Declaration 
Duties-form-12Primary Production and Water Entitlements (for all land types) Statutory Declaration
Duties-form-56Young Farmers Exemption/ Concession Claim Form 
Duties-form-13Family Farm Exemption Statutory Declaration 
Duties-form-04aOff-the-Plan Sales Statutory Declaration  
Duties-form-06aTransactions Treated as Sub-Sales of Land Statutory Declaration 


From 1 August 2017 it will be mandatory to create the following forms in digital duties online and the pdf versions will not be accepted 

Duties-form-45 Corporate reconstruction exemption application 
Duties-form-52 Corporate consolidation exemption application 
Duties-form-58 Section 83 - landholder acquisition statement 
Duties-form-59 Application for registration as a wholesale unit trust scheme or an imminent wholesale unit trust scheme or a declared wholesale unit trust scheme 
Duties-form-60 Application for registration as a declared public unit trust scheme 


Other SRO forms are still expected to be completed in paper, although these are expected to be phased out over time.


  1. The transferor representative must create the workspace by logging into DOL and selecting 'Land Duty Transfer Form' under the create tab and enter transaction details
  2. Once complete, the transferor representative sends an invitation to the purchasers representative by selecting 'manage invitations' radio button and entering an email address (as free Text) 
  3. There will be a link within the email which will take the transferees representative to DOL where they will have the ability to accept or decline the invitation (if they are not already registered they will be invited to register for DOL)
  4. The transferees representative will be shown a dashboard of invitations and will need to select 'edit transferee form' under the applicable matter
  5. Transferees representative reviews the transferors data, enters the transferee details and concession information 
  6. Once transferee representative has completed the form and hit the 'complete' radio button, the form status will change to ready to sign in both parties dashboards.
  7. The transferor and transferee representative will be required to certify a statement containing transaction details (minus any commonwealth reporting data)
  8. The transferor and transferee representative are then required to send the statements to their clients (transferee and transferor) for signing. They will have the following options;

    • Request their client sign the form electronically by selecting 'request signature' and entering an email address, OR
    • Download the form for signing manually.

    If they elect to sign electronically the transferor/ transferee will receive an invitation containing a link to the statement where they review the information and enter/complete the following; 

    • Name
    • Address
    • Select their capacity to sign e.g transferor/ transferee or under Power of Attorney
    • Declare they are authorised to make the declaration, the information and attached documents are complete and correct, and they understand giving a false statement is a criminal offence.
    • Select the 'sign form' radio button

    If they elect to sign manually the representative will need to review the information and complete the following;  

    • Declare they hold a signed hard copy of the form
    • Enter Name and Address
    • Select their capacity to sign e.g transferor/ transferee or under Power of Attorney
    • Declare they are authorised to make the declaration, the information and attached documents are complete and correct, and they understand giving a false statement is a criminal offence.

  9. Once the form is signed by both parties the Transferee representative prints the 'settlement statement' that contains a unique form ID to produce at settlement, which will replace previous declarations
  10. Settlement agent hands over settlement statement to either incoming mortgage or transferees representative (if transaction is self-funded) at settlement

SRO Victoria are running 1 hour webinar to cover these changes including a demonstration of the new system. You can register for these webinars at

To view Frequently Asked Questions on DOL visit

To View Frequently Asked Question for the new all-in-one digital duties form visit


Our In-house stamping service 
As an already registered user of DOL, SAI Global can claim the form for processing the stamp duty as a third party. Clients who require this service will need to provide the following

  • Settlement statement 
  • Bank cheque for Duty payable 
  • Transfer of land 
  • Copies of required supporting documentation

Following stamping we can also attend to registration at Land Use Victoria. For more information regarding these services please contacts Victoria Operations directly on 03 9672 4399. 

Same day stamping service
SAI Global Victorian operations offer a same day stamping service for existing and new clients. For more details about this service including an order form visit SAI Global Stamping Dropbox 

Integration into SAI Global products
SAI are working closely with SRO to make your stamping processes more efficient. We will be exploring integration options when and if they make them available.

For further enquiries, please call our Helpdesk on 1300 730 000 or email