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    • What is the Property Enquiry Report?

      The Property Enquiry Report summarises key information from the land and property certificates you already purchase, into one easy to read and interpret electronic document.

      Working hand in hand with the certificates, it's been designed so conveyancing professionals, like you, can quickly review the key details of a property and determine the best course of action for your clients, regardless of whether they are the purchaser or the vendor.

      You can even share the Property Enquiry Report, as you would the certificates, with your clients.


      How it works

      The Property Enquiry Report summarises the key information alongside your ordered certificates.

      Our business intelligence software reads those certificates and extracts the critical information for your conveyancing process.

      This includes highlighting if a property is affected by an overlay or if there are any proposed amendments in the planning certificate, through to itemising outstanding amounts in the land tax and water certificates.


      How much does it cost?

      The Property Enquiry Report is $89.90 AUD plus the cost of the certificates.


      What else do I need to know?

      Before the software can read the content of the certificates and produce the Property Enquiry Report, you need to order the certificates in Search Manager. Certificates required to order include:

      • Title Search
      • Planning certificate
      • Roads certificate
      • Council land information certificate
      • Land tax certificate
      • Water information certificate

      Below is a list of additional certificates can also be incorporated into the Property Enquiry Report. These are ordered in Search Manager at the same time as the six required certificates.

      • Premium Planning or Planning & Heritage certificates
      • Environment Protection Authority (EPA) certificate
      • Heritage Victoria certificate
      • Aboriginal Heritage certificate
      • Catchment and Land Protection (Section 90) certificate
      • Building Section 326(1) & Section 326(2) certificates
      • Heritage Victoria certificate
      • Australian Heritage Council certificate
      • Mines Subsidence Hazard Search
      • Agricultural Licences certificate
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