• Get the information you need without
    the mountain of data you don't.

    • Conducting large-scale property and commercial searches is time consuming, and manually capturing the correct data from thousands of searches can be error-prone. When extracting specific information from massive amounts of records, one wrong number can degrade your data quality. 

      To transform data into reliable information and actionable business intelligence it's essential to employ trustworthy bulk searching and information services.

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      • Solution overview

        • Bulk ordering services: Conveniently order up to 2000 land title or Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) searches yourself, or through our account manager.
        • Outsourced information services: Request tailored searches that combine property and commercial data.


        • Outsourced information services
          provides BP rapid turnaround

        • Benefits for your organisation

          Obtain useful information with quality data

          Information built on quality data minimises errors that can stop contract exchange, cause failed settlements and increase associated legal, reputational and financial risks.

          With ISO 9001-compliant processes, plus ISO 27001 certified and APRA compliant systems, our outsourced information services deliver consistent high quality business-critical information with detailed accuracy. Acquire the business intelligence you need in the format and timeframe you need it.

          Organise facts and figures in a meaningful way with time-saving software

          Transforming big data into useful information requires it be contextualised, categorised, calculated and condensed. Our versatile business intelligence software enables you to quickly customise and organise your searched data in a system environment for easy analysis, storing, sharing and presentation.

          Order up to 2000 standard land title or ASIC searches on demand, or we can help you build an information database that can compile over 50,000 custom searches, updated as often as needed.

          Tap into our expertise for better business outcomes

          Simplifying the chaotic world of property and commercial information processing is our business. Our in-house product specialists will work with your team to determine exactly what information you need - and what you don't - to meet your desired business outcomes.

          Then we'll strategise together, consider all available resources, and advise you on the most efficient way to retrieve it. It's the intelligent way to gather business intel.

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