Conveyancing Manager Updates

You can refer back to items from these pop-up communications in the Conveyancing Manager Help section


  • Communication - This embedded pop-up window will allow us to share product updates with you at your point of use. Choosing 'Don't show this message again' will dismiss the pop-up until we activate a new message
  • Files View - Filtered search is available on 22 different parameters, to narrow down and speed up your search for a file or client
  • File/Financials/Client Account (Invoice) - You can add 'credit' line items to an invoice, and record the amount and date of payments. Note: Merge codes have been added or changed to reflect these enhancement
  • Projects/Files - The Files tab will remain sorted in your preferred order

For a video demonstration of the new features, please click here.


  • File/Financials/Client Account (Invoice) - Calculations of items for which GST is amended
  • 'Clear' buttons for searching  - These will perform consistently, by clearing all filters and returning you to the default view without clicking 'search'
  • Merge fields in upper case are now retaining this formatting


  • If you have a Windows 10 machine, we will be able to install CM for you. Please email the Helpdesk to arrange assistance.
  • On approximately a fortnightly basis, we will advise you which global precedents (purple) have been updated. We apologise for the delay in updating some precedents, and ask for your continued patience as an added resource diligently works through the backlog. If you have any requests for prioritisation, please email, and you will then be personally advised by email when the update is complete. You can also see the 'Date Modified' against each precedent in CM.

The following precedents have been updated since the start of October:


  • Duties Form 1 - Goods statement for residential land - Purchaser (PDF)
  • Duties Form 1 - Goods statement for residential land - Vendor (PDF)
  • Notice  of  Acquisition (PDF)
  • Duties Form 62 - Purchasers Statement - Corporation (PDF)
  • Duties Form 62 - Purchasers Statement - Person (PDF)
  • Duties Form 62 - Purchasers Statement - Trust (PDF)


  • Section 27 No Mortgage


  • Form 2.1 - Claim for Home or First Home Transfer Duty Concession (PDF)
  • Form 2.2 - Dutiable Transaction Statement (PDF)
  • Form 2.7 - Claim for Transfer Duty Concession First Home Vacant Land (PDF)


  • Section 66W Certificate - Purchaser
  • Section 66W Certificate - Vendor
  • STRATA - Paying levies & enc 118


  • ANZ Discharge Authority (PDF)
  • NAB STANDARD Discharge Authority (PDF)


To keep your Main Diary under control, and your File Diary correct - If a Contract does not complete, simply navigate to the File Diary and click on 'Hide from Main Diary'. Note: There is a 4 second delay as the boxes become checked and the Main Diary updates.