Authority Update - WA Electronic lodgement of land transfer by regulation

WA Landgate has taking into consideration industry feedback, and the Registrar of Titles have revised the information published in CIB289 

The Registrar will now require the move to electronic lodgement of land transfer documents via an Electronic Lodgement Network Operator (ELNO) by regulation.

The regulations are expected to be in place during Q4 2017.

  • From 1 December 2017, all eligible mortgages, discharges of mortgages and refinances must be lodged electronically.
  • From 1 May 2018 all eligible, stand-alone transfers, caveats and withdrawal of caveats and any lodgement case consisting of eligible discharges, transfers, mortgages, caveats and withdrawal of caveats must be lodged electronically.

The Registrar of Titles and the Minister for Lands are in agreement that this approach is fair and clear, and provides the necessary legal clarity for government and industry.
With current market conditions, and the extra time allowed to prepare for the changes, the Minister and Registrar encourage all settlement agents to inform themselves on e-conveyancing, register and begin transacting electronically as soon as possible. 

Landgate will continue to support industry through this transition.
If you have questions, please contact Landgate Customer Service on (08) 9273 7373 or email

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