Authority update - New Land Registry system for Plans and Initiatives to support customers on 30th June 2017

As of 1 June 2017, Landgate will launch a New Land Registry (NLR) system, which will enable selected Deposited Plans and Survey Strata plans to be printed to pdf from submitted digital survey data.

To support this process, Landgate has redesigned the plan template.  The new template will lead to process efficiencies and automation and ultimately an improved service to customers. 

Plans that are not created through NLR will continue to use existing templates.

Summary of plan template changes

  • The information captured on the plan has been enlarged and repositioned..
  • The orientation of all pages within the plan will be landscape and the plan can be printed on page sizes A4, A3 or A2.
  • Where a table/section is not required as there is no information to be presented, the section will not be printed. These include interest-only plan

Structure of the template
For details within how the new template will look please see Customer Information Bulletin 293 

Landgate is putting in place a number of initiatives to support customers on 30 June.

The settlement area will be on the 10th floor at The Cloisters (formerly QBE House), 200 St Georges Terrace, Perth.
The settlement room customers may have used in the past (inside the Perth Business Office) will be closed on this day.

Express queue
Landgate will set up two express terminals in the 10th floor settlement area especially for customers who have up to five documents to lodge.

Customers using the express queue must pay via EFTPOS or cheque (cash will not be accepted).

Multiple documents
Those lodging multiple cases of more than five documents must use the main lodgement counter inside Landgate's ground floor Perth Business office.

Lodgement acceptability checklist
All documents presented for lodgement must be checked against the Lodgement Acceptability Checklist by a Landgate-authorised officer.

Additional resources to further increase the likeliness of successful lodgements are listed below;

Please take note of the top five lodgement errors at Landgate:

  • Documents have not been dated
  • Full address is not provided (this could be state or country if outside WA/AUS
  • Witness details - full name, address, suburb, state and/or occupation details are missin
  • The items received panel is not completed and/or serialised
  • Handwritten details and/or stamps are not legible.

End of Financial Year business hours
Landgate lodgement hours are 8:30am to 4.30pm.  Documents will not be accepted for lodgement outside these hours.  

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