Authority Updates - Western Australia - August 2016 - Lodgement of Strata Plan

Lodgement of Strata Plan

Lodgement of Strata Plan forms

Landgate recently advised that strata/survey-strata plans (including plans of re-subdivision/consolidation) lodged for registration on or after 1 July 2016 must be accompanied by all the relevant strata forms required by the Strata Titles Act 1985.

In circumstances where there are unavoidable delays in obtaining some required strata plan forms, such as those issued by local governments after practical completion of the building, to allow them to be lodged at the same time as the plan. Landgate will allow the lodging surveyor to request a 'delayed form lodgement', via the Surveyor's Report at plan lodgement.

Strata plans lodged with a request for delayed form lodgement will progress through the plan examination process, until the missing forms are lodged. The strata plan will not be placed 'In Order for Dealings', until all relevant forms are lodged via the plan lodgement portal. Strata plans lodged without all relevant forms, and without a request for delayed lodgement of any missing forms, may be subject to Landgate's requisition process. Landgate will no longer accept strata plan forms that are emailed or lodged at the counter.  All relevant strata plan forms must be lodged by the surveyor via the plan lodgement portal.

All customers are encouraged to ensure their surveyor can lodge all relevant forms with the strata plan wherever possible. 

For further information, please contact Cary Spann, Survey and Plan Consultant, on 9273 7317 or email

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