Authority Update - VIC Bulk conversion of paper Certificates of Title

Under section 27BAA of the Transfer of Land Act 1958, the Registrar of Titles will declare by notice in the Victoria Government Gazette that these pCTs will be void and of no effect after 22 July 2017.  From then on, the CTs held by these banks will be eCTs and the relevant bank will be recorded as the eCT Control - the party entitled to control the eCT.

Transactions to be lodged on or after 23 July 2017 involving a folio of the Register, where these banks are first mortgagee, will be supported by an eCT. Only an eCT will issue after a transaction is registered if one of these banks is the incoming first mortgagee.

Customers are reminded that Land Use Victoria completed changes to the Register Search Statement (RSS) and Final Search Statement (FSS) details can be found here

If the CT is an eCT:

  • the RSS will provide the name and VOTS (Victorian Online Title System) customer code of the party recorded as the eCT Control, and the details of any current administrative notices (such as a nomination
  • the FSS will provide the name and VOTS customer code of the party recorded as the eCT Control. If any administrative notices (such as a nomination) have been lodged in the preceding 125 days, the details of the notice(s) will be shown. 

Samples of an RSS and an FSS can be found in CIB 160 or for more information on these changes please see CIB 167

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