Authority Updates - Victoria - March 2017

The Victorian Land Registry is making changes to it’s over the counter ticketing system.

What's changing ?
The ticketing system for over the counter lodging at the Victoria Land Tiles Office (VLTO) Level 27/570 Bourke St changes include:

  • 'A' tickets, which previously allowed a customer to lodge 1-2 dealings, will now be changed so that the customer can only lodge one 'case'.
  • Customers will no longer be able to select a 'B' ticket, which allowed a customer to lodge 3-10 dealings.
  • Allocated staff to service 'Over the Counter' customers will be halved (from 10 to 5 staff).
  • Customer with an 'A' ticket who have not been served by 4.00 PM will not be served.

What's required? 

Customers of Landata that attend to lodgement themselves, are advised to seek the services of a lodging agent, such as SAI Global, where dealing and dealing cases can be lodged in bulk.
A 'case' is defined as one or more dealings affecting the same folio(s).
E.g, A single caveat presented for lodgement would be a 'case'; a Discharge of Mortgage/Transfer of Land/Mortgage affecting the same folio(s) presented for lodgement would also be a 'case.'

NB: In line with SAI Global standard operating procedures, matters requiring urgent lodgement will be processed as follows;

  • If the order is placed and documents have been receipted before 2:00pm,  the matter will be actioned the on the same day.
  • If order is placed and documents received after 2:00pm, the matter will actioned in the following business day.

Please mark matters urgent, clearly on instructions.
*additional charges apply 

Additional Information 
These changes are expected to significantly increase wait times, for over the counter lodgements. Clients are advised to make a
judgement as to whether the matter is indeed considered urgent.

For more information or for assistance with placing these order please contact our Helpdesk on 1300 730 000