Authority Updates - Victoria - October 2016

Victoria County Court eFiling

As of the 1 August 2016 the County Court of Victoria mandated eFiling for certain types of documents for civil cases. 

Who is impacted

At this time eFiling is limited to legal firms whose Solicitors' have been issued with a Solicitor code from the Victorian Legal Services Board and SAI Global will no longer be able to lodge these documents manually at the County Court Registry service, on your behalf. 

What do you need to do if you are impacted by these changes

As the Court's eFiling provider, legal firms with a Solicitor code will need to register an account with CITEC Confirm. You can register for a free account here

The usual Court fees apply and are payable via CITEC eFiling system and in addition an administration fee is charged per document lodgement by CITEC, which is currently $17.60. 

There are certain documents (e.g. certifications) which do not attract an administration fee. A full guide to eFiling can be found here or CITEC can provide training at solicitors offices.

What's not changing

There are certain types of documents yet to be made available through the eFiling portal and can be still be lodged manually by SAI Global until further notice. 

Customers wanting to lodge these documents can place an order through Search Manager via the Settlement and Legal service tab, if you do not have access to Search Manager or require further information please contact us on 1300 730 000.

Pursuant to Rule 28.13(1) the following documents will continue to be lodged manually ongoing;

  • court books;
  • documents produced in answer to a subpoena;
  • exhibits to an Affidavit except for exhibits in applications to extend the validity of a writ, for substituted service, for leave to proceed, for default judgments, where a party fails to comply with an order or for leave to issue a warrant;
  • consent orders (which will continue to be emailed to the Directions Group);
  • documents under the Adoption Act 1984.

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Disclaimer: The information herein has been prepared by SAI Global Property Division Pty Ltd ACN 089 586 872 from information released by the Authority cited on this page. It is provided as general background information only; it is not complete; and it does not comprehensively address this subject matter. Readers should not consider the information so provided as advice nor as a recommendation to take any particular course of action. Persons needing advice should consult their own solicitor, accountant or other professional adviser.