Authority Updates - Victoria - November 2016

Changes to register search and final search statements

To coincide with the conversion of pCTs to eCTs, Land Victoria is making changes to the Register Search Statement (RSS) and Final Search Statement (FSS). 

If the CT is an eCT:

  • the RSS will provide the name and VOTS (Victorian Online Title System) customer code of the party recorded as the eCT Control, and the details of any current administrative notices (such as a nomination)
  • the FSS will provide the name and VOTS customer code of the party recorded as the eCT Control. If any administrative notices (such as a nomination) have been lodged in the preceding 125 days, the details of the notice(s) will be shown. 

For Samples of an RSS and an FSS reflecting these changes are see the issue 160 of the Customer Information Bulletin from Land Victoria.

As the eCT Control will not receive a pCT following registration of a transaction, Land Victoria is introducing a new Registration Confirmation Statement.

This statement will contain the details of registration of the transaction. It will only be provided by email to the eCT Control and the lodging party, if different from the eCT Control. The email will be sent to the email address(es) retained by Land Victoria in VOTS so its advisable to make sure these are up to date.

There may be instances of a major bank registered as first mortgagee but that mortgage has been repaid and a discharge of mortgage and the pCT were given to the mortgagor to lodge at Land Victoria.

If the discharge is not lodged before 22 October, the pCT cited in the mortgage will be converted to an eCT as part of the bulk conversion.

If this paper discharge of mortgage is signed:

  • prior to 1 March 2016, Land Victoria will continue to accept lodgement of the discharge
  • on or after 1 March 2016 but prior to 1 August 2016, the discharge must be lodged by or on behalf of the mortgagee. (Land Victoria will not accept lodgement by anyone else)
  • on or after 1 August 2016, the discharge will not be accepted for lodgement in paper. The mortgagee must lodge it electronically through an electronic lodgement network (ELN), e.g. PEXA.

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