Authority Update SA: Changes To The Priority Notice Lodgement Screen

In response to client feedback changes have been made to the priority notice lodgement screen. As of Monday, 29 January 2018 clients have the ability to select dealings individually for 'portion of land' and to reorder dealings prior to lodging the priority notice.


To accommodate new functionality the 'prepare priority notice' screens have been modified and look significantly different to the screen previously displayed. 


Clients were previously required to add a certificate of title before being able to enter the applicant details and dealing details, these screens have now been consolidated 


Adding Title Details
When adding a title reference SAILIS will validate that the title is still current and where multiple titles with different ownerships are selected an advisory message will be displayed.


Clients will have the option of lodging the priority notice over whole or portion of the land. If portion of the land is selected the plan type, plan number and parcel description will need to be entered.


NB: Where a client selects portion of the land and does not enter plan or parcel details the priority notice will revert to whole of the land. 


Adding Dealing Types
When adding dealings clients will need to enter the dealing type and incoming party name(s) where applicable. New functionality will enable dealings to be linked to a portion of the land and/or whole of the land in a title.


Once the dealings have been added as required the dealing detail screen will be updated. Where more than one dealing is input, new functionality will enable clients to reorder the dealings and edit certain fields prior to lodging the priority notice. 


It should also be noted that clients will be unable to lodge a priority notice if they are using older versions than Internet Explorer 10. 


For examples of these new screens see Changes to Prepare Priority Notice Screen.

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