Authority Update - South Australia - April 2017

Update on Electronic Conveyancing and new search formats.

A recent workshop with practitioners and financial institutions was held by SAILIS. At this workshop by request the SA Register General agreed to provide an update and clarification regarding the below matters to the industry and its customers.

Electronic Conveyancing Volumes

The volume of electronic lodgements continue to rise in South Australia, with over 600 transfers being electronically lodged since the introduction of Electronic Conveyancing. 

South Australia is the fastest state to meet this milestone, over two months ahead of other participating States.


One of the benefits of electronic lodgement is that the Register is immediately updated to reflect the dealing(s) lodged. This real-time lodgement and notation benefit is further heightened when lodging Caveats.  

PEXA currently support seven Caveat claim statements listed on the CIB, however additional claims are to be introduced into PEXA later this year. Delays caused by requisitions are minimised by utilising these standardised claim statements through PEXA. 

Verification of Authority and Client Authorisation

The Australian Registrars National Electronic Conveyancing Council (ARNECC) have published a number of guidelines to assist practitioners with navigating the legislative reforms. You can review these guidelines on the ARNECC website. 

New Register Search Format

As a result of customer feedback, the Register Search  format will be updated as of Wednesday 5 April 2017.

The new format reduces the Register Search footprint so that where possible, information is be displayed on a single page. The Register Search now also includes the Title reference in the header of the PDF version. No content changes have been made to the Register Search.

The full CIB can be viewed via this link CIB-299

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