Authority Updates - South Australia - May 2016

SAILIS Changes in Preparation for New Conveyancing Requirements and Electronic Conveyancing

The Lands Titles Office is taking an incremental approach to the introduction of electronic conveyancing into SAILIS. The first tranche of changes is currently scheduled to be introduced on Saturday 7 May 2016.

Included in this deployment will be changes to the Priority Notice and Confirmation of Registration, as well as the introduction of a new product known as Title Watch. 

For confirmation of this deployment and the related outage times please await further publication from SA Registrar later this week. 

Changes to Priority Notices 

A new 'Applicant Details' field will be included in the 'Create Priority Notice' screen in SAILIS. This is a mandatory field where the agent lodging the Priority Notice will need to insert the name of their client. Prior to lodging the Priority Notice, the agent lodging the Priority Notice will need to select the tick box against two new mandatory certifications:

  • The evidence supporting this Priority Notice has been retained
  • Reasonable steps to ensure that this Priority Notice is correct and compliant with relevant legislation and any prescribed requirement have been taken

The changes to the Priority Notice have been included for national consistency. This is also a timely reminder for clients to become familiar with lodging Priority Notices as they are expected to become fundamental to the settlement process upon the removal of the Duplicate Certificate of Title (CT).

Changes to Confirmation of Registration Notice 

Clients will continue to receive a Confirmation of Registration Notice in instances where the Duplicate Certificate of Title is not produced, however the Confirmation of Registration Notice will be updated to include additional information in anticipation of the removal of the Duplicate CT. 
New Sample

Once Duplicate CT's are removed, this Confirmation of Registration Notice will be generated upon the registration of all dealings and emailed to both the lodging and correcting parties where they are different. 

New Title Watch Subscription 

Title Watch is an online subscription service that monitors certain activity against a selected Certificate of Title. When an activity is detected, SAILIS will automatically trigger an email and SMS notification to the Title Watch subscriber's recorded email address and mobile phone number. 

Activities that will trigger an alert include the: 

  • Order of a Property Interest Report or Form 1
  • Lodgement of a Priority Notice 
  • Lodgement of a dealing (e.g. Transfer, Caveat or Mortgage etc.)
  • Cancellation and issue of a new Certificate of Title. 

Account Customers and Guest Users can create a Title Watch subscription through the 'Land Search' menu in SAILIS.

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