Authority Updates - South Australia - June 2016

Legislation and Electronic Conveyancing Update

Legislation and Electronic Conveyancing Update

The Introduction of Electronic Conveyancing into South Australia and the new conveyancing requirements were scheduled for May 2016. 

The Real Property (Electronic Conveyancing) Amendment Bill 2016 (the Bill) that supports this introduction has progressed but now won't be up for debate until the next sitting day scheduled for 7th June. 

Without further delay, the target date for implementation will be early July 2016. 

Information, specifically around the transition period for industry clients, will be published once the Bill has passed and the commencement date is known. 

SAILIS Update 

Some of the most frequent enquiries, which come through to the SAILIS Customer Service area. 

Account Management 

It is critical to your organisation's 'SAILIS' use that a suitable number of account administrators are appointed. These positions are important to the successful management of your SAILIS account. 

  • Account Administrators should be responsible for: 
  • Unlocking individual user accounts within your organisation 
  • Re-setting passwords for individual user accounts within your organisation 
  • Creating new users linked to your SAILIS account
  • Deactivating and Reactivating users linked to your SAILIS account. 

Organisations are encouraged to regularly review their account administrators and ensur staff know who they are and how to contact them. Organisations requiring additiona administrators should email their requests to

Password Management

If an account customer has forgotten their password, it can be reset by clicking the “Forgot Your Password?”.

Where a user has locked their account due to three failed attempts to log into SAILIS, the should contact their account administrator who will unlock their account by re-setting their password.


Account invoices are raised at the end of each month and sent to the organisation's email

Clients are reminded that they can also perform the below functions through the InvoicE Search option in the SAILIS Payment menu:

  • View current account balance and available credit remaining
  • Search and re-generate copies of invoices and receipts
  • Request and generate a new invoice
  • Pay an invoice

Support Information

A range of SAILIS support materials have been published to assist account customers
and administrators. Refer to the SAILIS Support Information webpage.

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