Authority update QLD: Practice changes and updates to the Land Title Practice Manual

Changes to requirements for deposit of trust instrument with Mortgages and Leases

When a mortgage or lease is lodged which will record a mortgagee or lessee as a trustee on title (e.g. by depositing a copy of the trust deed or referring to a previous dealing where the trust deed was deposited).

Amendments have been made to sections [2-0100] and [7-2050] of the Land Title Practice Manual.
Land Title Practice Manual updates

The Land Title Practice Manual (Qld) has been updated. The transition to the National Mortgage Form and the introduction of the Priority Notice mechanism, Parts 2A and 23A have been deleted.

Part 2 (formerly Mortgage)  is now called Mortgage (National Mortgage Form) and contains information regarding general law around mortgages in Queensland. It also includes guidance around the use and completion of the webform and the Microsoft Word template.

Part 23 (formerly Settlement Notice) is now called Priority Notice, Extension of Priority Notice and Withdrawal of Priority Notice and contains information regarding how the Priority Notice mechanism operates. It also includes guidance around the completion of the Priority Notice form, Extension of Priority Notice form and Withdrawal of Priority Notice form.

You can view the tracked changes here or visit the Land Title Practice Manual web page on the DNRM website for additional information  

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