Authority Updates - Queensland - December 2016

Amendments to the Land Title Act 1994

The Land and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 was introduced into Parliament on Tuesday 29 November 2016.

This includes minor amendments to Part 7A of the Queensland Land Title Act 1994  to introduce a nationally consistent priority notice. 

The current settlement notice under the Act will be replaced by a priority notice.  While the functionality and purpose of the new priority notice will be the same as the current settlement notice, there are a number of minor changes

  • Application to a wider range of instruments.
  • Ability to extend the notice for 30 days.
  • A person who is, or will be, a party to an instrument intended to be lodged, is able to lodge a priority notice. 
  • With a few exceptions, a priority notice will prevent registration of other instruments affecting the lot or an interest in the lot.
  • A priority notice lasts for 60 days.
  • A priority notice can be withdrawn, removed or cancelled.  
  • A priority notice will be able to be lodged through eConveyancing or through eLodgement or in paper.

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