Authority update NSW: Updated payee name for NSW land Registry lodgements

Effective immediately but not later than Wednesday, 28 February 2018 ALL Cheques for NSW Land Lodgements must be made payable to NSW LRS or NSW Land Registry Services

The changeover from the former Payee (Land Titles Office or LTO) can occur now as both the former name as well as the current name are currently accepted with the transition to private enterprise of operating the NSW Land Titling system. However, this will cease and must be the correct legal entity from 1 March, 2018.

Please ensure that this change is communicated via your necessary internal channels to have the Payee updated when issuing NSW Land lodgement fee cheques.

Should a cheque be received after this date with a Payee that is no longer valid lodgement will likely be delayed, until correct cheque is received.