Payments to Snowy Monaro Regional Council

Due to a number of unresolved issues with the PEXA system, Snowy Monaro Regional Council advise solicitors and conveyancers the preferred payment method for settlement proceeds to the Snowy Monaro Regional Council is by cheque.

Council is aware that PEXA users are required to nominate the method of payment, being either by BPay, or by direct deposit (bank transfer) to a nominated bank account.

Please note the following conditions for receipt of electronic payments:
Currently Council has different BPay Biller Codes at each of our Berridale, Bombala & Cooma offices, as well as different BPay reference numbers for rates, water & debtors accounts; and not all debts are payable by BPay at every office.

Please ensure you use the correct Biller Code and reference number(s) as Council cannot be responsible for electronic misdirection of payment.

Council will not be responsible for the dispersal of funds should a bulk amount be paid by BPay to an incorrect destination.
Payments made by direct deposit will require a remittance advice from the conveyancer advising instructions for dispersal of funds. Council will not be responsible for direct deposits (bank transfers) to our bank account if no instruction is provided.

Should an electronic payment be received directly into our bank account, and no remittance advice/ funds destination instructions received the following will apply;


  • Funds will be placed in Council's suspense account until notification of payment details are received;
  • Should interest and/or fees be incurred, these will be the responsibility of the new owner;
  • Owners enquiring in relation to settlement figures will be advised to contact their solicitor/conveyancer;
  • Any dispute regarding settlement proceeds will be referred back to the conveyancer;
  • Council will not be responsible for allocation of funds without dispersal instructions from the conveyancer.

Council will not accept any responsibility for misallocation of settlement payments made using the PEXA system.
Please also be advised Council is experiencing long delays in being notified of Notice of transfer details from the Land Title Office.
These delays can have an adverse impact on your client's business dealings with Council.

Conveyancers are advised to forward to Council a copy of the Notice of Sale document that is lodged with the Land Title Office. However this document does not provide Council with all the details to alter Councils ownership records as it does not show the reference to title, for accurate identification of the property sold, or the new owner(s) full names.

If your office does send a copy of the Notice of Sale or does not notify Council at all, please use the form attached here .

Council requests your co-operation which will ensure that the ownership details will be amended in a timely manner.

If you require any further information please phone Council on 1300 345 345.