Authority Update - Name change and introduction of lodgment rules

The 19 May 2017 will be the commencement date for the remaining provisions of the Land and Property Information NSW (Authorised Transaction) Act 2016 (the LPI Authorised Transaction Act). 

At the same time, amendments have been made to the Real Property, Conveyancing and Strata Development Regulations that adjust current LPI fees. 

The new fees will commence on 1 July 2017. Further information in relation to fees will be issued closer to July.

What are the changes?

The LPI Authorised Transaction Act amends the Real Property Act 1900 and the associated land titling legislation to:

  • Make reference to the Office of the Registrar General
  • Rename the Registrar General's Directions as the Registrar General's Guidelines
  • Provide for Lodgment Rules to be developed
  • Establish a procedure for administrative review of decisions by the Registrar General
  • Adjust current LPI fees to include an increase for Consumer Price Index

Lodgment Rules

The LPI Authorised Transaction Act introduces a new category of rules that can be made to set requirements for the preparation and lodgment of documents. Dealings and plans that do not comply can be rejected or not accepted for lodgment.

The amending Regulations have removed procedural and operation provisions form the Real Property, Conveyancing and Strata Development Regulations. These provisions will form the basis for a consolidate set of Lodgment Rules for plans and dealings.

Registrar General's Guidelines

The Registrar General's Directions will be renamed as the Registrar General Guidelines. This change will not impact on the day-to-day operations of Land and Property Information; however there will be some updates required.

What will change?

From 1 May 2017, LPI will be updating their websites to reflect the name change, there may be interruptions to the websites while these updates are made.

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