Authority Update - ACT - Changes to LTO forms

Changes to forms
As a result of a Federal Government initiative to maintain a register of foreign land ownership and changes to the way stamp duty is collected, the ACT is now required to collect additional data when some land title transactions occur.

This means there will be changes to 8 existing land titles forms and the creation of 2 new Buyer and Seller Verification Declarations which hold personal information. To ensure privacy, the Buyer and Seller Declaration forms have been created using an online system and once completed and saved, the information will be secured separately from the Land Titles Register with only limited access to Land Title staff.

Use of these forms will be mandatory from 1 July 2017. All older versions of forms will be accepted if the contract for sale date is prior to 1 July 2017.

The affected forms are listed below.

Code Name Number 
BVD Buyer verification declaration (new) TBA 
SVD Seller verification declaration (new) TBA 
ACL Application to register crown lease 031 
DCLDetermination / surrender of a crown lease057 
NT Notice of appointment / retirement of trustee 077 
NDNotice of death by surviving proprietor 015 
Transfer 052 
TCPS Transfer of chargee under power of sale 020 
TMPSTransfer of mortgagee under power of sale 018 
TATransmission application 032


Clients for whom SAI Global examine documents for prior to settlement may see an increase in failed examinations where Solicitors have not used the correct form. 

For further information, please visit the Access Canberra website or contact Access Canberra directly.

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