Authority Update - National - April 2017

PEXA Release 5.1.1 is scheduled for go live from Monday 3 April 2017.

A summary of these changes include:

1. Upload and file share feature which will allow you to upload and share the following documents;

  • Body corporate documents
  • contract of sale
  • discharge authority
  • Duties Form 62
  • PPSR release form
  • Principle Place of Residence Stat Dec
  • Rates/Council documents
  • Statement of Adjustments
  • Title Search 

2. Improved visibility of lodgement verification results on the Document Screen.

When a warning message is provided by the Land Registry, you will now be able to see these through the introduction of message icons and text messages.

3. Checklist - Discharge Authority.

Is included onscreen to help you with the completion of common tasks. 

4. Frequently Used Accounts.

Ability for you to define Frequently Used Accounts, which can then be used when creating disbursements etc.

For more information on this release please see here


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